The History of Blackroom Films

Hugo Landry, near Montreal 1990

Bernie Wempe, Vancouver 1990

In the late 80’s early 90’s, we started out doing the same thing, playing in metal bands but on opposite sides of the country. Recording our music on 4 track recorders and filming local bands with Hi-8 camcorders, our interests evolved into audio engineering and live event video.

4 track recording upgraded to digital home recording and in 1993 16 track digital Blackroom studios was born. Recording numerous local bands up to the late 90’s, Blackroom studios eventually gave way to interests in CG VFX, 3D Animation and video editing.

First Alesis ADAT pre Blackroom,1991

First Alesis ADAT pre Blackroom,1991

Hugo’s last band in Montreal 1999 before moving to Vancouver

After relocating to Vancouver in 2000, Hugo continued to film bands, focusing on drum only videos and sharing with the Youtube community.

In 2010, we met at The Almighty Punchdrunk reunion gig, both set up to film the show. We talked about multi-cam recording and decided to combine forces, resurrecting the Blackroom name as a continuation of the early indie spirit of recording and producing underground metal music.

Sacrifice @ the Rickshaw, Vancouver 2015